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01:47:17 AM Aug 1st 2013
There is something that doesn't have a name, that this movie does that no other movie does to my knowledge. Let's call it Fridge Ruin: The realization, after you've watched the movie, that it would be almost pointless to watch it again when you know how it turns out. It's a story that works very well once, but only once. When you know Jacob's Dead All Along and nothing in the movie actually happens but it's only a bardo experience in the tiny moment between dying and being dead, it's a story with no plot, no characters, no conflict, nothing but one moment of resolution - fear turning into not fear. Plus some backstory, sure, but talk about Developing Doomed Characters.

I don't want to diminish the fine achievements of the movie, it's a unique story with some great acting, great directing, great special effects, great atmosphere. I just think it's worth discussing. It's like the polar opposite of The Usual Suspects where you get one story if you don't know the twist and then get a completely different story once you do know; Jacob's Ladder gives you one story the first time you watch it and then no story.
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