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08:33:54 AM Feb 16th 2014
"Not surprisingly, the film has been heavily censored in various countries and lambasted by The Czech Republic for their portrayal in the film. (It gets worse: The movie is said to be in Slovakia, was filmed in the Czech Republic, sports people with Russian names (uncommon thereabouts), speaking Russian, and dressed in uniforms that are probably from Ukraine. Also, it portrays the countries as they were in late 1980's. No wonder both countries were offended."

I think this bit should be removed. For a start its biased in way that would be better suited for the YMMV section. Also Eli Roth has said his idea was that Elite Hunting was run by Russian gangsters so there's good reason for characters in it to be speaking Russian & have Russian names. It's also worth noting plenty of films are set in different countries than they are filmed in and the most evil characters in Hostel - The American Client, The Dutch businessman, The German Surgeon - were not Slovakian & its mentioned locals were sometimes victims so the point of the film isn't that Slovakian people are bad.
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