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04:42:22 AM Jan 24th 2013
if the first episode is all that is up right now, how on earth is all this info on this page? is the rest of the series on some other site that hasn't been linked yet, and if so would someone be kind enough to provide that link?
07:44:47 AM Jun 23rd 2013
Is it possible that the writers have already finished the story, are just releasing the chapters slowly, and wrote this page as a kind of advertisement?
12:04:15 PM Aug 17th 2013
Oh gosh, hi. I am so sorry I haven't seen this sooner! *guilty, guilty, guilty*

Okay, so... I'm one of the writers of the series, and yes, I started working on a whole set of pages for the series long before... well, it's still in-progress! Terribly sorry for the confusion - I'm a bit of an obsessive-compulsive troper, and I just wanted to build all the pages for fun. That... keeps backfiring on me.

In a way, the pages are a sort of advertisement, but one that I probably shouldn't have done. Too late for that now, but... yeah.

Anyway, take heart! We're into our third episode now, and soon to start publishing the fourth. We have LOTS of episodes in various stages of completion, which is how I'm able to go into (too much!) detail on the unpublished episodes!

Once again, much apologies for the confusion! :(
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