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07:35:27 AM Oct 21st 2013
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Hey guys, it's cool if you want to add more recommendations to Blue Sky and all, but can we stop it with phrases like "you'll never want to read any other fics" or "this spoils all other fics" and other such comments? Because you're making it sound like no other Portal fic is worth reading (even if that's not what you're intending to say), which is not true in the slightest, not to mention incredibly rude and discouraging for the rest of the fic authors in the fandom.

I'm not putting down Blue Sky, because it IS one of the absolute best fics in the fandom. But that doesn't mean the other fics are not worth reading.
09:45:01 PM Mar 9th 2014
Aaand since no-one is doing anything about the problematic recs and it's been about five months, I think I'm good to clean them up myself.

If your rec was removed, just reword and repost. No problem!