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11:17:17 AM Apr 17th 2014
Errr... does the first folder mean to say "Examples Across Genres" rather than "Examples Across Genders"?
11:06:30 AM Jul 20th 2013
Are Leverage and White Collar really duelling shows? The only thing they have in common is that both feature conman (and you could say the same about some other shows which aired around the same time). They didn't even air in concurrence to each other, since White Collar used to be a summer show until now. Leverage is an ensemble show which is about a group of people conning criminals to help their victims. White Collar is more a cop buddy show, focussed mostly on the character Neal Caffrey and his struggle with deciding what he really wants to be when "he grows up" (figuratively speaking).

Plus, saying that White Collar "won" already is a bolt assessment. While Leverage has been cancelled after the fifth season, there is no guarantee that White Collar will get a sixths season either, since the fifth season hasn't even aired yet. Plus, the seasons of Leverage are longer than the ones of White Collar, which has only 16 episodes per season.

I like both shows very much, but I don't think that they are rivals in the first place and if they are, the judgement is still out who wins.