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12:46:04 PM Jul 23rd 2013
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Planned Coup of the MLP Fi M Drinking Game.

For almost 2 years now, every weekend, Berrytube.tv(~ 1 year old, games took place for a year on synchtube) has been playing drinking games to MLP Fi M. Consequently, we have an extensively tested set of rules, that work out to an evenly paced, fun drinking game, that gets everyone shitfaced within a moderate number of episodes, depending on the episodes shown. Some episodes get insane, while others are good for cool-down periods, and so on.

As the self-appointed number one authority on all things alcohol and pony, we intend to scrap the Fi M rules on this page, and replace them with our own.

Any objections should be voiced now.



Originator of Games, Berrytube Admin team
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