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09:21:57 AM Jun 8th 2015
Honestly I can't care for her seeing how much attention she is getting these days. Yes, She voiced Bubbles and a few other classic characters but EVERYONE has to say she is one of "The best" voice actresses out there.

She voices a purple horse nowadays with an audience of demented manchilds for gods sake, I know of plenty of other better actresses who have done much more talent that don't get NEARLY as much credit as she does.

Now by no means do I hate this woman, Hell: I'd be willing to be friends with her. But please, Stop calling her "the best". ((And MLP has to be the worst of her work.))
11:54:52 AM Jun 8th 2015
04:28:41 PM Apr 30th 2013
Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that 85% of the characters that are voiced by Tara Strong are either blonde (bonus points for having pigtails!) and / or wear purple/pink?
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