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08:39:50 AM Sep 5th 2014
I don`t see anything wrong with this. His current moral is pretty much *I am allowed do everything because somebody has to do the dirty things but if somebody else attempts to, he is a scumbag* And it`s not just something the fans feel, it`s been acknowledged in-universe several times, even in his own book (See *The Reason you suck* speech).

08:53:08 AM Sep 5th 2014
First, I think you posted that as a new query while you wanted to post it in response to the older one.

Second, the issue is not whether he qualifies for the trope but that the example writeup sucks.
09:45:33 AM Sep 5th 2014
Yeah, sorry, pushed the wrong button. Second, I`m always open for improvement proposals (I just might not be able to immidiately abide by them, because I currently am at a friends house becauce I have no internet after moving, a status that might stay that way for at least 2 weeks).
10:59:46 PM Aug 29th 2014
This entry needs to be rewritten; it's way too gripey and reads like something that should be on Darth Wiki.

  • Hypocrite: Oh boy. Post-Schism it's almost the most defining character trait he has. He vilifies Cyclops on every occasion possible for training his kids for survival when this has been pretty much the whole concept of the X-Men since Day One (even worse: He does it himself! He even dumped his share of kids in the Savage Land). Not to talk about Scott's *murder* of Charles Xavier, which was completely against his will, and Wolverine should understand best, as he was once in the exact same situation when the Hand and HYDRA brainwashed him into going on a killing spree (with Northstar among his victims). But the worst part is, he himself has killed countless times completely on his own will and literally justifies it with nobody I've ever killed mattered.
06:51:46 AM Aug 30th 2014
There's certainly enough cases to argue the point, though. IE the way he treated Hellion over killing Karima in the X-23 series, considering 1) he's done the same thing himself, 2) he's done WORSE, 3) the fact that X-23 has done many of the same things and he'd supported her. Instead he locks Hellion in his room and treats him like a criminal.
10:58:17 AM Sep 20th 2014
I now added a hopefully more neutral entry.
12:46:01 PM Apr 2nd 2011
edited by cclospina
Wolverine isn't a Type V, his intentions are generally altruistic and he Never Hurt an Innocent.
02:23:59 PM Apr 2nd 2011
edited by checkup
You're talking about Wolvie in most incarnations, but it has depended wildly.

He has used murder as a first, and sometimes extatically enjoyed, option against lots of opponents who were no threat to him, with no interest in due process whatsoever, including feeding a mental patient to be eaten by a real Wolverine in a Larry Hama issue; used prolonged torture for years on a Yakuza boss who he knew full well would kill thousands in the meantime; and at least in his backstory was involved in lots of covert missions where he did kill tons of innocents.

There have been so many writers and handlings that the only thing we can say for certain is that he's been both a type III, IV, and V from time to time. If you can remember some period when he was a harmless non-bloodthirsty grouchy Disney hero, or if The Superhero Squad Show counts, then we can add type II as well.
06:16:53 PM Apr 2nd 2011
I say again, since the scale is currently being redefined, it's best if we hold off on any elaboration of where he falls until that's cleared up.
08:09:18 AM Mar 29th 2011
Due to the current move to redefine/remodel the Sliding Scale Of Anti Heroes, we should avoid a lengthy discussion about where he falls on the scale; see the TRS thread for this page and the sliding scale.
11:20:18 PM Mar 13th 2011
The article is too small, look at Lex Luthor and The Joker they've got better articles, I think Wolverine deserves better!
05:25:52 PM Apr 13th 2010
This is the main Wolverine page. Trope titles are not case sensitive; An Ice Person and A Nice Person go to the same page, as do "Manos" The Hands of Fate and Ma No St He Ha Nd So Ff At E.
05:30:29 PM Apr 13th 2010
I see. So if someone accidentally links it as W Olverine that is how it will look.
08:39:43 PM Apr 13th 2010
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