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05:57:46 AM Oct 7th 2013
Thinking of unspoilering everything up to Issue 16 once Dark Cybertron starts. Anyone against that?
07:03:49 AM Sep 16th 2013
Anyone has a better Getaway pic for the character page? I couldn't find any good ones.
09:03:12 PM Sep 18th 2013
I feel like we should use different pics for most of them actually, mainly because fanart should be sourced, and some of those portraits look sort of silly while others don't. Seems sort of inconsistent to me.
11:01:37 AM Aug 19th 2013
Dark Cybertron.... should it be handled as its own page, and just put the tropes that appear on the MTMTE issues also under the MTMTE page, and the RID ones under RID?

I mean... There is a page for DC's Trinity War.
09:54:17 PM Jul 12th 2013
Should we start removing the spoiler tags on evereything related to the arcs prior to the current one? Vol 4 should be releases next monday and that includes all the overlord issues.
07:07:07 AM Jun 9th 2013
Character Sheet... should we create a new one separate from the one it is currently pointing at, since it really doesnt reflect the characters as they appear in the comic book series. ?
12:07:14 PM Jun 18th 2013
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Well, see the thing is, they're still G1 characters, and the sheet represents how they appear in G1 continuities, be that the cartoon, the marvel comic, Dreamwave or here. Take Arcee for example, despite personality rewrites, G1, IDW, and Cartoon Arcee are all the same character, while Prime Arcee is a different character entirely.

Also, if we were to make a character sheet, it would have to include all the IDW subpages because they're all part of the same continuity. Dr. Psyche told me we had a character page solo for this, but it was deleted and replaced with the big one.
02:09:03 PM Jun 20th 2013
A big IDW verse character sheet probably wouldn't be a bad thing, but if one is made, it should be before the MTMTE one is taken down, so we don't lose the progress on it.
09:59:46 PM Jul 15th 2013
I don't know, frankly, the original character page seemed good enough, and the one that's currently on would need to be changed completely to cover all the series and be sorted into folders suiting the allegiances. The original page has the characters divided up into their debut's, and the RID series is still linked to it.
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