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06:32:43 PM Dec 14th 2010
Excuse me, but, why are there no examples of tropes on this page yet? This storyarc is such a highly remembered one that there should be examples of tropes on this page.
02:01:39 AM Dec 15th 2010
Apparently, nobody's got around to it yet. I can't do it, I haven't read the series. You Could Always Edit It Yourself.
04:32:36 PM Dec 16th 2010
I've read it once, but only once, and I wasn't trying to spot tropes when I read it.
07:50:09 PM Dec 17th 2010
I was the original poster, and when I wrote the article I inserted all the tropes I could think of in the main text as potholes. I didn't see a need to list them separately afterwards, but I'm not opposed to other people doing so if they wish.
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