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10:31:40 PM Apr 14th 2011
I noticed that Magnum Opus can be abbreviated into Maus (first and last two letters). Was that intentional?
02:36:28 PM Feb 2nd 2014
Coincidence. It's a portmanteau of "mouse" and "raus," the German word for "out." "Juden raus" was a commonly used Nazi phrase.
10:10:59 AM Jan 28th 2015
'Maus' is German word for 'mouse'. That's the whole story behind the title, according to Word of God. He claims to give his comic a simple title and decided to used a German word for effect.
02:56:47 PM Jun 20th 2010
What trope is this a tropemaker of? This article is listed in the Trope Makers index, you see.
12:29:35 AM May 8th 2010
The people complaining that the animal stereotypes are reductive are missing the point—Spiegelman's intention was to deconstruct those caricatures.
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