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11:23:43 AM Sep 4th 2010
Can Cutter and Skywise be classified as "Ho Yay" when it's confirmed canon via Word of God?
06:39:07 AM Jun 3rd 2010
Do we have a trope for when you really wish the series had realized the inherent moral problems with the main characters' actions and brought it up in-canon? Is that Values Dissonance or something else?

The bit that most comes to mind is Ember's tribe being a little too eager to save their own skin at the cost of abandoning an unconscious Teir to Winnowill's demonic army and then later forcing Teir to choose between leaving them or being magically crippled for life.

It's irritating because aside from Ember angsting a little over it and Leetah playing the "too soft-hearted for the good of the tribe" side of things, the characters don't really seem troubled by these actions at all. It's been a while since I read the arc, but in my recollection there's no hint of them (the tribe in general) realizing that they even ought to be considering the ethics of their actions. That revelation made me realize that, in general, the elves really avoid thinking through their actions after the fact (now of wolf thought and all that), even when it would do them some good (by causing them to act differently in future).

I've seen the same thing in Buffy, where characters do morally unjustifiable things but rarely seem to acknowledge them after the fact (unless it's a major plot point). No apologies, no "wow I really need to be more careful," nothing. Both series have Character Growth, so it's not Status Quo Is God... but it's certainly irritating.
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