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07:41:32 AM May 24th 2013
It really peeves me to see Benjamin's name spelled with an accent. Check out the chapters, there's no accent any time it shows up. It's the English name Benjamin, not the Spanish Benjamín.

Here's Word of God to prove it, scroll down to the "Observaciones. Aclaraciones." part of the first post: http://jesulink.com/foro/viewtopic.php?t=10805
11:16:10 AM Apr 15th 2013
I think that is time to create a Caharacters section
09:15:31 PM Jun 14th 2012

Immortality was split into subtropes loosely based on the types. However, IV was split into Resurrective Immortality, Body Backup Drive, and Born-Again Immortality. There is not enough context here to determine which is meant.

Please read Zero-Context Example and return this to the page under the correct trope and with enough context to make it a good example.
06:55:49 PM Apr 22nd 2012
edited by unokkun
I don't really think Leo's skepticism counts as a Flat Earth Atheism. If you look at it in context, it's plain clear that elementals in general just don't give technology any worth, they'd rather just rely on their elemental powers - or on animal's powers. So Leo isn't really saying that the earth is flat, but that the ocean is too big to cross by normal means, so the very point is that to cross it they need that technology. So he plainly doesn't believe in a flat Earth, if he thinks that travel could be made possible.

I think what whoever added that meant was rather Arbitrary Skepticism, though in this case it's completely justified. After all, using elements IS commonplace to them. Legends about whatever Kaji was talking about (most likely the Five Elements' Great Adventure), however, seem doubtful to them because no one has achieved such a thing before. (Surely your average European/Asian guy before the discovery of America would think going round the world by ship "with the current means" impossible, even if he didn't think the Earth was flat.)

Oh, something else: Why do you guys keep spelling Benjamin with the accent? It doesn't have an accent in the manga, and the author said that it's because it's pronounced as in English (compare his nickname Ben and his brother's name Ember). So don't add it please.

[For references on the spelling Benjamin (yeah, I'm too used to the Other Wiki): http://jesulink.com/foro/viewtopic.php?t=10805 - First post, under "Observaciones. Aclaraciones"]
08:29:34 PM May 3rd 2012
edited by unokkun
  • Shapeshifter Weapon: Many elementals can transform parts of their bodies (or themselves, using Level A) into weapons. For example, that jerkass girl form the league transforms her arm into a vegetal spear.

There's a lot of things that are wrong in here. Level A is specifically animal-related powers. It may include animorphism to a particular animal (partially or totally), but not any other shapeshifting.

In fact, we've only seen two examples of non-animal shapeshifting in the manga: Neptuno turning into water, and Hiedra's case. (Though Ébola might apply as well.) And both instances have made the fans wonder if they count as level 1, level 5 or even some yet unknown level B.

So it's not really "many" elementals. Level A is a power you either have or not have, you can't just get it. And likewise, you can't have more than one variant of it. So those with total transform level A count, because they can change back and forth (one of those showed up in some extra material); but we still haven't seen any of those with partial transform changing back to normal. And all we've seen of Neptuno and Hiedra's ability are those two examples. So we only have three people who can actually shapeshift. So I don't think we should keep this. Maybe having just the Shapeshifting trope would do.
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