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01:49:39 PM May 13th 2013
As a subtopic of Rand's Hurting Hero entry, "Going along with the Destructive Savior motif, Rand is kind of a Lucifer figure, in certain respects. In much the same way that Rand al'Thor sounds vaguely reminiscent of Arthur, Lews Therin Telamon (AKA The Dragon, Rand's last incarnation) sounds like Lucifer. Add to this that one of Lews Therin's apellations was Lord of the Morning ("Lucifer" = "morning star"), that Rand himself is known as He Who Comes with the Dawn among the Aiel, and the manner in which the Dragon is regarded in Rand's era, and there you go. Not a 100% match, obviously, but still, it's there."

Specifically, "Lord of the Morning ("Lucifer" = "morning star")" If I remember my Latin correctly, "Lucifer" literally means "light carrier" or "light bringer." I'd like to ensure that I'm correct before making an edit, though.
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