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01:40:35 AM Dec 6th 2010
Starkiller (Clone) should have his section since he is not the same guy as well as the fact of this page

08:18:46 AM Dec 6th 2010
edited by Tableau
We don't know if he's a clone or not and the whole story pretty much came to the conclusion that it didn't matter. Other than his understandable identity crisis, there is absolutely no difference between this Starkiller and the one last game. He has the same motives, memories, and feelings as the Starkiller before him and if he is a clone he's essentially a continuation of the Starkiller before without an identity of his own and therefore doesn't need his own entry.
08:29:14 AM Dec 6th 2010
I dont know... his personality seems a bit differant to me.
08:33:04 AM Dec 6th 2010
edited by Tableau
I don't see how. He's so close to being the same person even after his experiences he went through there's hardly any difference. Kota pretty much says as much when he meets him in the book.
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