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08:11:52 AM May 8th 2011
So, taken from Weil's character sheet:

  • Kangaroo Court: The drama tracks reveal that the judges in charge of sentencing him were the Eight Gentle Judges: A century later, during Zero 3, they go by a different name: Weil's Numbers.
    • Actually, The Eight Gentle Judges were not responsible for his sentence. Actually, it was heavily implied that his "punishment" was directly resulted from mass-vigilantism. In fact, given the fact that he created the Eight Gentle Judges, it's very likely that they would have probably pardoned him or at least given him a much more lenient punishment (They did with Omega).

A look in Headscratchers shows that the degree of control Weil had over his punishment is unclear at best. If the Judges were not involved, there was no Kangaroo Court. Even if they were, there's a drama track showing that they were concerned about Copy-X's stance on Mavericks, before Weil returned in Z3, so it's unlikely that they would have held back on Weil.
01:26:53 AM Aug 3rd 2010
Re: the Guardians being Expies of X, I'm not sure they're supposed to remind the players of him. They're more of Literal Split Personality-type clones of X, if I recall correctly.
09:42:03 AM Oct 9th 2010
Possibly. It's also stated in the Official Complete Works that, upon sealing the Dark Elf, X's spirit is split into 5; one becomes the Cyber-elf X, while the other four becomes the Guardians. They have some of X's mind and personalities (if I recall correctly):
  • Harpuia: X's high sense of honor and desire to protect humans.
  • Fefnir: X's strength and determined spirit.
  • Leviathan: X's playful and a little bit naive and childlike personality.
  • Phantom: X's loyalty towards his friends and people.
11:37:40 PM Jan 12th 2011
Then that should be reflected on their character sheets. I think Expy only refers to when a character is supposed to remind the player of another. Cyber-elf X reminds me more of X than the Guardians do, especially since, as you said, they are amplifications of parts of X's personality.
03:40:38 AM Jan 13th 2011
So how could we put them in the page?
05:29:56 AM Mar 31st 2011
Don't know if you're still watching this. :P I'd personally axe Expy from their sheets and find some other trope that might fit the situation better. Haven't found one yet though.