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01:09:21 AM Apr 21st 2015
Nitro Jerkassiness

Some time before, I wrote about Nitro the following:

  • Jerk Ass [[Spoiler:He was invited as a guest NPC, then he manipulated Dave into betraying the rest of the party, and after a big battle, everybody in the game, a game that was running for years, was dead and without any chance to come back or continue the story. The entire table is dismayed. Nitro just get up and said "Looks like my work here is through".]]

It was edited, removing the entire explanation, and the word "Jerkass" was trimmed to "Jers". Page's history said that I was sent a message, but it wasn't. So... Why was my edit reverted? It's not about defending my Po V, but for avoiding future errors
07:55:47 PM Apr 21st 2015
edited by RBluefish
I admit I'm a tad confused here about a number of things. First of all, I think I must be missing something, because checking the History for the Characters page, it looks like you were the one who added the word "Jers" under Nitro's entry. Also, it looks like the example in question is actually still there, and hasn't been changed at all. What am I overlooking?

As far as the example itself goes, I do see a few problems.

1) The example is under Earl's entry, but it's about Nitro.

2) There's a redlink in the example (Blue Screen Of Dead). Furthermore, there actually shouldn't be a link there at all, because it's in a spoiler and links don't belong inside spoiler tags. See Handling Spoilers for more.

3) The spoiler tag itself is not displaying properly. This is because the term "spoiler" should actually be lowercase, or it won't work. Like so: [[spoiler:this is a spoiler]] will display as this is a spoiler. But if the S is capitalized, it comes out as [[Spoiler:this is a spoiler.]]

Aside from that, and a few minor grammar issues, the example looks okay to me.
08:39:02 PM May 1st 2015
I'm just going to go ahead and sort this out myself. Removed the "Jers" thing, cleaned up the example slightly, and moved it to it's proper place under Nitro.
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