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01:19:38 PM Mar 31st 2016
So I primarily watched the anime, both seasons, and then read some of the side stuff, only began dabbling in the manga, but always had a passing interest in the characters cause it didn't seem, at first, to be your typical 'strong women all fawning over a guy' deal which puts me off so much.

So on that note, is this new development for real? Does Kazuya just make Elizabeth and Arnett fall in love with him that easily? Cause if so major bummer, I remember even just watching the anime I felt that Elizabeth and her Limiter were really close and Arnett and Morrison's chapters in the side stories were my favourite.

I don't really want to get into a story where all the girls end up fawning over a guy and ditching their relationships for him, so is that what's happening in this?

Thanks for the help.
10:05:37 AM Apr 17th 2012
In the new first chronicles, we see someone talking with Chiffon about finding herself. I wonder if that person will end up being Kazuha Aoi?
09:59:39 AM Dec 19th 2013
It is.
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