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04:09:25 PM Mar 11th 2011
How is Shirou Emiya not badass.
11:33:58 AM Oct 3rd 2010
Some characters' pictures (Lancer, Rider, Caster, Rin, Ilya) seem to be from one art - they have the same background. I tried to find that art, but failed. Can anyone help me with a link?
03:17:48 AM Oct 5th 2010
It's from one of the anime's art books.
05:38:06 PM Mar 24th 2010
edited by OJtheLION
Seeing that all of the major characters except one (Miyu) is from the main story, should we add character tropes from Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Ilya to this page? I suppose normally they'd go on their own page like Fate/Zero, but it seems like a waste considering they're largely the same and there's only one more major character, not a whole set like Fate/Zero. Well, it could work either way, but this page is already loaded with tropes from stay night and hollow ataraxia after all...
06:21:05 PM Mar 24th 2010
Aren't they all alternate universe versions of the main characters, though, and thus [i]very[/i] different? Putting them on here would surely confuse people (whereas, with HA, the characters are fundamentally the same).
07:07:03 PM Mar 24th 2010
They're not all that different, but yeah that could be unnecessarily confusing. Seems I'll need to start a character page over on that side at some point, then.
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