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04:09:25 PM Mar 11th 2011
How is Shirou Emiya not badass.
11:33:58 AM Oct 3rd 2010
Some characters' pictures (Lancer, Rider, Caster, Rin, Ilya) seem to be from one art - they have the same background. I tried to find that art, but failed. Can anyone help me with a link?
03:17:48 AM Oct 5th 2010
It's from one of the anime's art books.
05:38:06 PM Mar 24th 2010
edited by OJtheLION
Seeing that all of the major characters except one (Miyu) is from the main story, should we add character tropes from Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA to this page? I suppose normally they'd go on their own page like Fate/Zero, but it seems like a waste considering they're largely the same and there's only one more major character, not a whole set like Fate/Zero. Well, it could work either way, but this page is already loaded with tropes from stay night and hollow ataraxia after all...
06:21:05 PM Mar 24th 2010
Aren't they all alternate universe versions of the main characters, though, and thus [i]very[/i] different? Putting them on here would surely confuse people (whereas, with HA, the characters are fundamentally the same).
07:07:03 PM Mar 24th 2010
They're not all that different, but yeah that could be unnecessarily confusing. Seems I'll need to start a character page over on that side at some point, then.
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