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06:57:44 AM Apr 23rd 2014
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There was some trouble between me and Bishop999, as he initially made drastic changes to a previously agreed upon compromise showcasing both interpretations of Bigby's character, but I have read through his latest edits and they were mostly okay. I just changed a few key issues that I think are important.
05:24:07 AM May 24th 2013
Does Frau really qualify for I Hate My Teenage Daughter? I know the witch in the original story adopted Rapunzel, but there's no indication in 1001 Nights of Snowfall that she had that relationship with her. In fact, I gathered that Frau was just being the witch she used to be and locking up Rapunzel for the same reasons she turned Beast into a Beast and Fly into a frog. Because she's a witch who does... witchy things. Not because her kid needed punishing.
12:53:16 PM May 24th 2013
Rapunzel called her mother in her Fairest story, and in Totenkinder's backstory the latter cursed Rapunzel after calling her a slutty little girl. I dunno if some other trope would be more appropriate for that?