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11:49:01 AM Jul 14th 2012
edited by Mather1
Please split the characters page to suit Black Ops 2. The main pages are separate, so why have all the spoilers in one place? Black Ops 2 isn't even out, and I've already read a spoiler!
06:38:48 PM Jul 29th 2012
Oh joy. Goyer and his dislike of the Occupy movement is seen all over the trailer. Now I should wait. I know I know. I should wait to hear more...but I gotta talk anyway and maybe my foot is in my mouth. It seems that liking Menendez on youtube is how you get our drone army into the wrong hands. I worry the message is going to be: it's totally okay to have a mecha drone army...just as long as it doesn't fall into the hands of a terrorist. Oh and being part of the Occupy movement makes you EVIL! Drone army=good (kinda.)

Yeah yeah I should wait. I support the movement okay? I don't like it when they break bank windows or get violent and I guess I got this damn knee jerk reaction whenever I worry the movement is being shown in a 'they're evil' light. I don't like this sudden mentality that if a group of people want a business to be held responsible for ripping people off they are suddenly a bunch of fat cats.

Gah, alright I'll stop my rant. And yes...I made a similiar discussion over at the Dark Knight and I've been persuaded that it was more anti-anarchy than anti-Occupy.
06:39:15 PM Jul 29th 2012
Uh whoops. That was supposed to be a new topic. Sorry Mather1.
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