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11:56:19 AM Jul 11th 2013
This page is over 400,000 characters and needs to be split. The easy way to do so would be to split by the series each first appeared in, or at least those that didn't appear in the original series, but I've never watched Ben 10 so I don't know how many of those there are on this page.
01:15:16 PM Dec 26th 2013
How about separating the Big Bads and minor villains instead?
01:42:39 PM Dec 27th 2013
That might work, though we'll probably want more than just two subpages, or else we'll have to split them again soon. The problem we're running into is that Morgan and I don't know anything about the series, so we can't separate them.
12:00:04 PM Dec 28th 2013
Well, I do know about everything about the show, but I am not sure it would help, since many characters appear in all shows anyway.
02:27:37 PM Dec 29th 2013
Like Morgan suggested, one way is to do it by first appearance. Vilgax might appear in every series, but if he first appeared in the original, he'd go there. If you can give me a list of when each character appeared, I can do the split myself.
02:06:13 AM Dec 31st 2013
I can, but I still have doubts about the idea to divide it that way. See, the number of characters that were introduced in each series is... quite complicated. For exemple, the Forever Knights were introcuded in the Original Series, but a large majority of their major members actually were introduced in the sequels, especially Alien Force and Ultimate Alien; characters like the Inkurseans were introduced in Alien Force, but they weren't expanded and developped until Omniverse. And then there are the characters who were introduced in the special.

Here is another suggestion: how about making a separate page for Villains, Antagonistic alien species and Organisations ?

If that suggestion doesn't fit either, just tell me, and I'll give you a list of when each character appeared as you asked.
04:33:44 PM Jan 3rd 2014
I don't know. That sounds like it would work, but for all I know that would turn into two pages with five characters each, and one with thirty. Give me a list of Villains, Antagonistic Alien Species, and Organizations, and if that looks like a roughly even split, we can do it.
02:06:54 AM Jan 4th 2014
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Alright then. Here are both list:

For a by series list:

- Original Series: Vilgax, Kevin 11, Dr Animo, Hex, Charmcaster, the Forever Knights (Enoch and Driscoll), Phil, Zs'Skayr, Sixsix, Vulkanus, Zombozo, Rojo, Clancy, the Circus Freak Trio.

- Alien Force: Psyphon, Simian, Sunder, the Hightbreed, the Forever Knights (King Patrick, Joseph Chadwink and Sir Morton) Darkstar, Sevenseven, Albedo, Ragnarok, Ssserpent, Inkurseans, Raff, the Vreedle Brothers, the Techadon.

- Ultimate Alien: the Forever Knights (King Urian and Sir George), Diagon, the Esoterica, Aggregor, Will Harrangue, Adwaytia, Captain Nemesis, Trumbipulor, Ma Vreedle, Inspector 13.

- Omniverse: Eighteight, Malware, Dr Psychobos, Khyber the Huntsman, Psyphon's Gang, Billy Billion, Fisttrick, Princess Looma.

- Specials: Eon, the Hive.

By categories:

- Villain: Vilgax, Kevin 11, Dr Animo, Hex, Charmcaster, Phil, Zs'Skayr, Simian, Sunder, Diagon (though we could arguably move him to organization, since technically he is the one leading the Esoterica), Eon, Darkstar, Sixsixh/Sevenseven/Eighteight, Vulkanus, Albedo, Ragnarok, Aggregor, Will Harrangue, Adwaitya, Captain Nemesis, Zombozo, Rojo, Clancy, Ssserpent, Trumbipulor, the Vreedle Brothers, Ma Vreedle, Billy Billion, Fisttrick, Princess Looma.

- Antagonistic alien species: the Hightbreeds, the Hive, the Inkursean Empire,

- Organizations: The Forever Knights, the Esoterica, the Faction (which includes Dr Psychobos, Malware and Khyber), the Circus Freak Trio, the Techadon Empire (for both the Techadon and Inspector 13), Psyphon's Gang (including Psyphon), the Negative 10.

Another option would be to separate humans/earth-based antagonists and alien antagonists, but that could prove a bit complicated.
01:44:41 PM Jan 4th 2014
By series looks like it will work. I'll get to that by the end of the day.
04:36:23 PM Jan 4th 2014
I remain doubtful, but okay, do what you feel is best.
05:09:20 PM Jan 4th 2014
Done. Looks good to me, but then, I don't know the series.
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