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02:26:31 AM Feb 18th 2016
Is Al Mualim a classic villain? He does have some traits. Deceives the hero, visually different thanks to his black robe, achieves part of his goal, undone by his pride (vice), represents vices (pride in himself, wrath for giving up on humanity, greed to have the templar treasure to himself).

05:19:42 AM Apr 7th 2014
Seems there's a new character in Initiates in letters to Abstergo from a Dr. Clifton Rosenburg. Anyone wanna trope him out
11:51:22 AM Nov 19th 2011
Should we add the Revelations characters (e.g. Abbas Sofian, Darim ibn La-Ahad) to this list or to the AC 2 list?
09:25:50 AM Mar 20th 2012
edited by AkoSiKuya32
I've added Abbas since he does appear in AC 1, albeit very very briefly. I do think, though, that the other middle age assassins/characters should also go to the AC 1 character page. I do think, though that the modern characters should be on the main Assassin's Creed character page.
06:08:32 PM Mar 26th 2012
edited by Skywalker007
I have another idea. Maybe we should separate the character entirely by era since we will definitely have more modern era character soon in sequel.

We could separate like this.

- Crusade Era character(ACI)

- Crusade Era character(ACII)

- Revolution Era character(ACIII)

- Modern Era character

- Micellanious(From AC: The Fall and other)
08:55:06 AM Nov 21st 2014
Which section should Francois Mackandal fall under? He's been mentioned quite a bit both in Liberation and in Rogue.
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