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11:14:00 AM Aug 28th 2011
as to petuna grimm, from the other wiki.

Petunia Grimm First appearance (mentioned) Fantastic Four #25, (appears)Fantastic Four #238 (January, 1982) (January 1982) Created by Stan Lee, John Byrne and Jim Salicrup Further reading[show]

Petunia Grimm, a normal human, is the aunt of the Fantastic Four's Ben Grimm, the Thing. He frequently noted that he was "Aunt Petunia's favorite nephew", but the character did not appear until Fantastic Four #238.

Petunia was revealed to be Thing's aunt by marriage, marrying his father's brother, Jacob Grimm, who was much older than her, placing Petunia closer to Ben Grimm in age.

Petunia made few appearances thereafter, although she was murdered by The Marquis of Death to show Thing his power.

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