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12:30:53 AM Oct 23rd 2014
The external links here seem a bit excessive. Using them for particularly noteworthy panels is understandable, but I don't feel like every trope needs an example panel, which is pretty much what we have right now. Is there any reason for this not to be cleaned up?
03:48:20 AM May 19th 2012
Nightmare Woon. She had no issues about sending a Giant Squid to attack the seaponies, which could have caused many offscreen deaths, but also spared Woona after she lost her Beam-of-war. What exactly is her motivation?
08:55:36 AM May 19th 2012
If you assume that the blanket was the only thing that saved Woona from falling off the cliff, then she was trying to kill her that time, too.
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