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06:33:11 AM Jul 25th 2017
Is there any particular reason why "Keep Christmas with You" got pulled from this list?
06:45:40 AM Jul 25th 2017
Never mind. You know, I don't think these commented out examples count as zero context examples as long as people explain what's distinctive about them. In many cases, that's true of the entries that have been commented out.
10:50:38 AM Jul 25th 2017
edited by mlsmithca
Not on this page it isn't. Of the twenty examples currently commented out, eleven are a YouTube link and nothing else (Weblinks Are Not Examples), four identify the genre or artists involved but do nothing to explain why they're awesome, three include titles or quotes from lyrics and nothing else, and the remaining two only include meaningless Word Crufty phrases like "definitely qualifies" or "deserves a mention" with no explanation of why the cited example qualifies or deserves a mention. If you think these don't count as Zero Context Examples, I recommend re-reading the page on what is and is not a zero-context example.
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