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11:06:12 PM Aug 29th 2011
edited by Scardoll
I removed a comment from the Awesome Moments page because it's essentially a putdown. Remember this quote from the main page...

"Note that awesome moments are subjective. What strikes one person as being Pure Awesomeness may generate a 'meh' reaction from another. Of course, you already think your example is awesome. Give the other person the same benefit of the doubt."

Here's the full comment, with the bolded part deleted.
  • Marneus Calgar in the Space Marines codex. He charges dozens of Eldar and an Avatar Of Khaine (the Eldar's giant avatar of their god of war) armed only with his powerfists and some super armor. He smashes any Eldar in his way out of his way, attacks the Avatar, grabs its sword when it tries to decapitate him and then smashes it in half with his next blow. Did I mention the avatar is over 20 feet tall and had been smashing away anything in its path for most of the battle with no trouble?
    • "Only his powerfists?" Come now, the Gauntlets of Ultramar are made of sterner stuff than that!
    • Your Mileage May Vary , many people find that scene to be an incredibly ridiculous God-Mode Sue moment standing head and shoulders above all else in a codex full of incredibly ridiculous God-Mode Sue moments, especially considering that an Avatar of Khaine is something that the Tyranid Hive Mind considers to be so threatening that it feels the need to send DOZENS of Carnifexes to bring one that was threatening it's Uber Hive Tyrant down during the battle of Craftworld Iyanden, and the Avatar still reaped a great bounty in Carnifex lives before going down.

The battle between the Eldar Avatar and the Tyranids seems like a good awesome moment to put back up if anyone can recall it in greater detail, but saying Your Mileage May Vary on this page is redundant. It's supposed to be YMMV.

Also debating on getting rid of natter, like the second line in the bullets above, but that might just be anal-retentive.
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