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06:14:07 PM Mar 11th 2018
Okay, this page needs to be added to. There are probably plenty of moments that could be included - what with how many audio adventures there are - and I feel the page could also be organized better.

I'm going to start the process, but feel free to add to and edit if you need to. :)
10:01:28 AM Apr 18th 2016
Right, so this page is clearly in desperate need of some tidying. My question is this: should it be sorted by Doctor, like the recap page, or in publishing order? Or something else entirely? (crossposted to Awesome, Heartwarming, Funny, Tearjerker, and Nightmare Fuel)
10:41:17 AM Apr 19th 2016
Maybe something like this [[folder:Big Finish's Monthly Range]] Fifth Doctor

[[folder:The Companion Chronicles]] First Doctor Doctor-lite
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