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09:33:34 AM Nov 6th 2014
  • The "cookie banners" which are proliferating on various websites in response to a particularly idiotic piece of Euro legislation (itself an example of a form of artificial stupidity, in that it is both artificial (in the sense of "created by humans", in common with all legislation) and stupid (has no effect other than causing the proliferation of these banners, an outcome which could have been predicted in advance with very little thought)) which warn the user that the website sets cookies. Not only do they still appear even if the browser is set to block cookies, the "get rid of this message" function only works if cookies are allowed. So if you have cookies disabled, a message warning about the site setting cookies - which in reality it can't do - appears on every page, every time you visit the site, and you can't get rid of it. Even worse are those variants of the banner which obscure or disable important elements of the underlying page so the site becomes unusable if the situation the banner describes does not apply to you.
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