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11:22:51 PM Sep 17th 2012
Spoiler alert : The ending seems like one big deus-ex-machina to achieve a sobby, warm-hearted ending. I wonder if you guys are going to agree with me on this: Raygo was shot with an onslaught of bullets and subsequently crushed by a few good tons of stone completely to the ground; survives. Isshu gets caught in an explosion which is a few stories in size in the vain attempt to destroy the Emperor ; Survives. (This stretches the willing suspense of disbelief, but it is still very stretched) Now, the grand prize : Akiyuki; Lost his identity, turned to stone; told he would regain himself after someone will call his name. But. He resurrects 9 years post Haru calling his name over and over, the series ends as Akiyuki just happens to stand where the stone was, completely intact like nothing has happened without having any sort of stimuli what so ever to resurrect(Like..Calling his name?). So why now? Why 9 years later? He was in a coma for that long and just happened to wake up NOW? Why?

Also, adding another value for Fridge Logic : Akiyuki gave the Emperor his name so the Emperor would be at rest. Which followed by Nakiami blasting them both with neutralizing ray of life-power...Both Akiyuki and Nakiami needlessly sacrificed themselves, one of them would've survived if they went with a single method. Also, if Akiyuki gives his name to the Emperor; and the show ends by the premise that Akiyuki will resurrect once his name is given to him..What will happen to the Emperor? The whole point was that Akiyuki gave his definition over to someone else, now it can just be reconstructed? That completely loses the entire premise of "Losing oneself" the show has offered.
11:29:07 PM Sep 17th 2012
By wrong place I didn't mean the headscratchers page specifically, I meant a discussion page generally. This is something for the forums. Discussion pages are only for discussing the page they are attached to (say, formatting issues or what quote to put at the top), not whatever subject the page is about.
10:12:48 AM Sep 18th 2012
Oh, is that so? I already had a debate about how well a certain trope fits the show; so I thought this was the natural place to place it. Alright, I'll move it along.
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