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05:57:48 AM Mar 3rd 2013
I think the last paragraph of the Main Page description should be removed or changed. Yes, there is hatedom and there are complaints; but a lot of shows do. I've watched shows that have noticeable characterization and pacing issues, and they're hardly brought up in their own pages. Of course I believe some have merit to be mentioned because they did affect the franchise, like Heroes getting cancelled or Gundam Seed Destiny getting so much negative reaction that the CE-universe was put on hiatus. But 00 didn't reach those levels. (The same issue came up with Fan boy and Chum Chum page, when the hatedom had to be mentioned by someone in the description in its Main Page. Good thing it was removed.) We can acknowledge the controversial changes, but don't let it look like it was done by a nitpicker trying to throw a bone to the "die-hard fans" as he vents his own views. The paragraph gives off the impression that it was those who liked the show are the ones who are being narrow-minded by making the fans sound like they're making excuses for the show, when in fact many fans simply say, "hey, it works for me." As one fan I acknowledge the controversial changes, and I have my own understandings with the show that it works for me, and the other fans do too. So please change or remove that paragraph. There is always the YMMV for the mentioning of the negative reactions.
02:11:47 PM Dec 2nd 2012
From Bad to Worse: The entry for It Got Worse was:

  • It Got Worse: For everyone. Every episode does its best to out-do the previous one, and usually succeeds.

Apart from the trope getting renamed it's also inaccurate. From what I remember it certainly wasn't "every episode" (especially in the first season). Any suggestions for better wording? Or should the trope stay removed from the list?
08:27:30 PM Dec 17th 2011
edited by sanfranman91
I can't possibly be the only one feeling sorry for Allelujah and what he and Marie had to put up with during his time at the Super Soldier facility which he later forcibly destroyed. Should I add him up as a woobie or are there factors stating otherwise?
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