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    Live Action TV
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    I have this weird vague memory of a TV-series I saw as a kid (around maybe 2006-2009?). I don't know where it originates from (my guess is that it was a Scandinavian series, but it could've been a foreign series simply dubbed into one of those languages), but I recall it starring a young woman who sits down near a campfire with some other people and tells a story about a girl who found a dragon or something like a dragon and raised it. I also remember near the end of the series, something happened that forced the girl to let go of the dragon. Then I remember the silouhette of the dragon flying by in the background as the woman telling the story went to do something.

    Just a note that this is not "The Water Horse" as, like I mentioned above, the dragon could fly, and it was a TV-series, not a book or a film.

    Anyone who knows who I'm talking about? Or am I just imagining it? Reply