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    Western Animation
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    There was this movie that started out with people laughing at their besiegers trying to breach the castle walls, until the besiegers pulled out a really REALLY big cannon. A baby/child was taken away while the castle fell (and was raised by gypsies?). When he was older, at one point he tricked his way past a guard using some sleight of hand with a gold coin. There was a villain who had a tendency to get so ridiculously angry that a cannon's release valve had been fitted to his head, so he could "blow off some steam". I believe at one point he was put to sleep by someone grabbing him and holding the valve open. Anyone remember this? Reply

      I've seen parts of this (soon after pulling this trick, the boy whines to himself that all he has is the coin and it's not even a real one), but can't remember its title either.

      Treasure of Swamp Castle?

      I can't speak for Tylendal, but that's likely it.

      That's likely it. Thanks jormis. No idea why I would have ever seen a Hungarian movie older than I am, but my curiosity has been sated.