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    There was a prank tv show that I think aired between 2007-2010. In one of the episodes the actors sat down in a conference room and told a younger guy (maybe 16-26) that a long lost/ distant relative of his had a will. This distant relative was very wealthy and had a butler, gardner, a maid etc... as well as a sister and a few other relatives. They power of attorney went around the table and told each of them why they were not inheriting any of the guys money, but when it came time to the "unsuspecting young guy" they said that by default of generation, he was going to inherit all of the money (at least a million dollars- maybe more). however there were some stipulations if he were to inherit the money. the power of attorney told him part of the agreement is "he can't tell the boy what the stipulations are until he signs a contract agreeing to inherit the money and follow all of the rules." the boy agrees. after he signs the contract the power of attorney goes through a long list of things he must do "you need to give $10,000 to his brother, you need to pay $50,000 in order to pay off the house, he must take care of the dead guys pet snake etc..." in the end after the power of attorney goes through the list the young guy finds out that by agree to inherit the money, he now actually owes millions of dollars because of the inheritance. While the power of attorney is going over all of the details with the young guy there was another man in the room with them and everything the boy/ power of attorney said this man would always say "duly noted". I don't believe it aired on Spytv or Scare Tactics. The network it might of aired on could of been Trutv but I am not possible. Does anyone recall this episode? Reply