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    Ok, so I remember watching this when I was small, it might not have been real but i'll give this a try. All I remember was a small child and his dog (who could walk on his hind legs) that looked like they where made out of crochet. The dog was white with brown spots, kind of like this emoji; 🐶. His snout was quite big and had a small nose (kind of like Snoopy). The kid I think had a yellow shirt/red shirt on. On this particular episode, they where on a "circus". The backround was all white, like a giant room. The circus looked like various tents in a circle. I don't remember much else, but I recolect there being an old man with a hat and a giraffe. At some point the boy's head fell off in a tent. I hope you could help me with this, which has been bothering me for years! Reply

      "Looked like they were made out of crochet." So this was stop-motion?

      I'm not sure. I think it was made digitally but made to look like it.