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    Western Animation
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    Trying to remember the title of this CGI soccer show from the 90's or 2000's. It was with aliens or some non-human characters. It was always the same two teams going against each other. The protagonist team had plain designs but varied in colour, but when they went out onto the pitch they would go through an energy field that turned them all yellow except for the tips of their hair (the hair was a Simpsons style hair where you can't really tell where the head ends and the hair begins). The antagonist team had a "edgier", darker, more monster-looking design to them. Before each game each team would do their game pose (not sure what to call it). The protag team would basically stand in a circle a spin around emiting a light beacon out the stadium and the antag team would do a sort of All Blacks Haka, but instead of a war cry they just spewed out a green gass for a fog effect, while their fans (designed the same way as them) stamped their feet in the stands. During the game the coaches could transport their players around the field if they wanted to by opening up portals on the ground. At half time there was sometimes a commercial for random made up products that where usually being used in the episode. I think in the last episode the losing team (obviously antag team) got sucked into a vortex and I think along with their fans, while the winning team and their fans got to fly off somewhere. I think everyone pretty much lived at the stadium, but not entirely sure. Can't remember anything happening outside the stadium (which now that I think of, I think was just floating in the middle of space). Oh yeah both teams had a pet that where kinda shaped like Chikorita from Pokemon. Their designs matched the teams'. The games had these two commentators (I think they were grey in colour) sitting in a booth that I think were the comedy relief. Reply

      Maybe Galactik Football?

      • Red Scharlach Nope. It was with alien looking characters. No humans. :)

      OMG i am looking for it too. That one guy withe crazy hair-do looking like Goku is the clue i have to find its name again, it's been more than 10 years.

      Found it! Its called Spheriks. It was made for the 2002 Fifa world cup.