• 4 Apr 18th, 2017 at 7:07PM
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    I remember one episode in particular, but nothing else, can't even recall who the main characters are and it's driving me nuts because I watched it recently.

    Plot of the episode I Remember: There are 2 College kids running for Student Council or something? There is a Black Girl, and then your typical frat-boy running for it, later on the girl is found dead in a swimming pool by some kids, and the frat boy is questioned intensely over it.

    A Narcotics(I Think) Officer ends up having exploited the kids (They had minor offenses previously, and he said he wouldn't put it on their record I think?) If they would wear a wire and help him catch higher-profile drug dealers, kids mostly end up dead because of it.

    (On the off chance somebody else knows, I've been trying to remember an anime where the only scene that comes to mind is: The main characters enters a room, a robot greets him and they exchange a couple words, he goes into his small, sealed office at the back and sits at the desk and suddenly the room feels with sleeping gas, (He vents the room and pretends to be knocked out) Then he catches who tried to knock him out red handed?)

    Thanks in advance, my brain is such a mess with all the stuff I've watched recently. Reply

      The tv show is an episode from I-Zombie Season 2 episode 2. Although it throws me off that you forgot to mention the part about the main character partying hard with the frat boy the whole episode and being his best friend even though he was initially a suspect.

      Threw me off a bit because of how similar that episode is to what I'm looking for, but the Black Girl isn't in the episode at all (She's who ends up dead), whereas in the episode you said one of the frat boys ends up dead. a TINY Few details are the same between what I'm looking for and what you mentioned but most of the key details I'm 100% Certain of are missing in the episode (The girl, the narcotics detective exploiting the students)

      Another piece of information comes to mind now - They investigate a fast-food joint and the kid behind the counter is actually involved (He gave the girl ' Adderall ' to help her study I believe) and he ends up being part of the reason she ends up dead. (He is also one of the kids that the Narcotics officer had recruited but was secretly using the position to out other drug dealers and up his profit from dealing drugs)

      Thanks for the help though.

      Yeah - that also happens in the Izombie episode. Either some other tv show copied the exact same thing all the way down to the last detail you described - or you are talking about the same show.

      Huh? I re-watched Season 2 episode 2 of iZombie and none of the stuff I listed there is in the episode.