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    Live Action TV
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    In 1994 I saw this comedy TV series about about some kids -possibly from USA- and thier struggle against the usual evil alien army: I know that if the big alien ship is insectoid and the kids wear coloured suits it is obviously some Power Rangers stuff, but this series had some very strange characters in it, like a bunch of good-hearted monster (a remember a ghost with chalk white skin and garishly coloured clothes -his name was something like "Flounders"- and a mummy) that lived in an abandoned house and bizarre things happened at times (I remember a pirate that was brought back from the past, so he couldn't understand the concept of "horsepower" since horses were too big to live in an engine). Any clue? Reply


      Thanks man!

      You got the date wrong. That's definitely Beetleborgs, but it aired in 1996-1997. And you're right about the Power Rangers similarity - both shows were made by Saban and based on Japanese shows made by Toei.