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    I can't remember the name of this show I watched in middle school. I watched in early 2000s but it looked a little old so maybe it was made in the 90s? I remember a boy would go to this library and the librarian was an old guy and the kid I think would tell the librarian about something that happened that day and the librarian would give him a book. I remember the Anne Frank episode where the kid went to like a holocaust museum or something and the book took him to Anne Frank's time so he could experience it himself? I remember the kid who talk to the librarian, get a book, and be transported to the time the book is set in.

    It was one of my favorite things about middle school and I was wanting to see if I could find it to watch again. Reply

      Sorry for all my spelling mistakes. I was getting a bit frustrated that I couldn't find it.


      This is a little harder to google than I thought it would be - it isnt featured in tv shows featuring time travel, googling the word tv shows about librarians is impossible now - thanks to the librarians show, and it isnt listed in cultural depictions of Anne Frank. Any chance the book was magical and didnt just work for time travel?

      I don't know if it was time travel but I remember the boy talking to Anne Frank so I don't really know. Sorry I can't be more helpful but I only remember a tiny bit of the show


      It kinda sounds like The Pagemaster (movie)??