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Pluto Loves You
Death by Yuyuko Moeness
Speaking of the game though, was the second battle theme that starts playing halfway through the game completely original or based on some other track?

It's original according to the game's fan wiki
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Dragon meido

[up]Amusing as always.

Oh I hope in the new fighting game Kasen will finally make her debut...She is perfect with her rocket punch.
Is it wrong that I had the biggest smile when they caught the Denning reference and referenced Kishuna?

Magic Seals do sound like big problems to Magic Stones.
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Funny, but not helpful

Well, I laughed.
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Parasol Star Memories
[up][up] You are not alone. Although this is arguably worse

Also a shame that stuffman didn't get to use this

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Of every Touhou fanwork I've read ever, Ask The Five Magic Stones is probably my favorite.
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[up] Because I started going back through the older stuff of that tumblr I cam across this post

My sides
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Death by Yuyuko Moeness
Oh that was definitely youkai-ish
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I consider it my duty to ensure that, should you be surprised by a bear in your library, you will have ample ammunition to beat it to death.
Death by Yuyuko Moeness
Oh, new efe drawings. That means more disgustingly adorable girls!
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Too much adorableness
^^ Yay efe's Akyuu! Also more Kagger (checking the artist page)!
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more Futo Miko shipping

Miko's face is priceless. "Kinda was in the middle of something, Futo."
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[up][up][up] It totally is ridiculously adorable. My heart wasn't ready

[up] But secretly she's enjoying it
I consider it my duty to ensure that, should you be surprised by a bear in your library, you will have ample ammunition to beat it to death.
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Funny, but not helpful
Personal Color – Meeting You in a Dream. I think Alice is taller than Marisa on the cover. Which fits since Marisa is a shorty. Anyway, Marisa borrows a book from the library that lets you have a shared dream with someone and decides to try it out with Alice because she wants Alice to see some of her crazy dreams. So they cast the spell, get in bed and dream. Alice and Marisa end up separated between Alice's boring-realityish dream and Marisa's crazy dreamscape and Marisa tries to dreamaport to Alice's house which doesn't work and then tries to bring Alice to her which works.

Its actually the Alice that inhabits Marisa's dreams and Marisa wants to spend time with the real Alice so dream Alice agrees to guide her so they borrow a lilypad boat from a cat. Meanwhile, Alice is still just sitting on her dream couch drinking dream water. She has the most boring dreams. Marisa worries that Alice will meet a dream Marisa and confuse her for the real Marisa but she finally arrives and meets Alice in the dream. And then they wake up.

Marisa asks Alice if she wants to try again but Alice declines because she doesn't think its fair to make the dream versions of themselves lonely by meeting with people from the waking world. Marisa agrees and decides to return the book to the library saying that it was pretty rude to bring reality into a dream.

So... this was kind of nice. Its a Marisa/Alice story really. Like, a shippy story without being incredibly shippy. Alice and Marisa do end up having a sleepover and its implied that they do regularly hang out with dream versions of the other. But Marisa identifies dream Alice because she tries to hold Marisa's hand which apparently real Alice wouldn't do. So, if the dream version of Alice is something like how Marisa wished Alice would act, I wonder what was different about dream Marisa that let Alice know it wasn't the right one.

I think the biggest flaw is that there isn't much to this. The dream scenery could have been explored more. Marisa has some crazy dreams about tiny whales and riding winged horses (a pretty funny image by the way). I guess the big conflict was whether Alice would be taken in by the dream Marisa (an idealized version perhaps) rather than wait/accept the real one. I guess a lot more could have been done with that but it was sort of understated. No real problem with how it turned out. Like I said it was a nice story.

I do sort of wonder what Alice's boring dreams say about her though. Maybe it has something to do with how she doesn't have to sleep, as a Magician. Or maybe its because she's practical compared to crazy flights of fancy Marisa? But that's not the crazy Alice we know and love! Its a dream Alice, it has to be!

Yakumi Sarai – Vintage. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? That aside, Sakuya looks far too happy on the cover. Just way too enthused. So anyway, the story starts off with Patchy and Koa paying a visit to Alice and offering her loads of rare grimoires and notes on golem research. In exchange, Patchy requests that Alice make a prosthetic limb for Sakuya. DUN DUN DUNNNNN! The story really does play up the lost leg as a bit of a mystery. Especially the next page which has a splash of fluid, a leg with presumably red dripping off of it and a smiling vampire face. But its just Flandre stomping grapes for wine. They have to pick up the slack for Sakuya after all but Patchy says that its Remi's fault. DUN DUN DUNNNNNN!

Anyway, Remi apparently decided that she wanted Sakuya leg jerky and ordered Sakuya to have her leg chopped off. The reason is because of that IN thing where Sakuya said she's be human until she died. That's not quite the eternal loyalty that Remi had wished so she wants some Sakuya jerky so she can remember her hundreds of years hence with the jerky and with a bottle of wine that Sakuya made. Alice basically thinks the whole thing is crazy. Which she decides after she's decided to duel Sakuya to help her get used to her leg. The one that she just got. From a dollmaker. Who is not a doctor. After an undisclosed amount of time in bed. Dun dun dun? Anyway, the jerky is made and as mentioned, Remilia decides to save it until after Sakuya dies and the whole thing ends with Sakuya lamenting that she won't get a taste.

This thing is full of dark humor. After she gets her leg cut off, Sakuya jokes that she's hit her target weight. Remilia says the whole leg thing is Sakuya's fault for parading around her tasty legs in such a short skirt. Meiling asks Sakuya if she can have a taste during the amputation. Flandre talks to Meiling while she's preparing the leg and says she prefers bloody steak which makes Meiling sort of hungry. Basically everyone in the SDM wants to get a taste of Sakuya. Except the maids. They get mentioned but never show up. I wonder what their reaction to the whole thing would have been. Oh, and Flandre apparently thinks garlic is delicious because it makes her mouth and stomach burn. She's a weird one. Also, the secret ingredient in the wine is feet. I assume that the grapes all come from the same batch but Akyuu describes the wines personally made by the individual named members of the staff as having different flavors (Patchy's wine is musty apparently, Remilia's is called Grateful Red) so the secret ingredient pretty much has to be feet. Feet are apparently delicious in this setting.

This is basically saved by the dark humor. If this took itself very seriously I just think it would be a little horrible to read. The jerky thing is treated with such a heady mixture of solemnity and silliness that it prevents it from being too morbid. But still: whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

Also, Meiling is apparently omnicompetent in this. She cures a mean leg jerky, can perform amputation with local anesthetic (she wanted to put Sakuya totally under but Sakuya wanted to be awake for such a 'momentous' occasion), and presumably still guards and gardens.

The omake where other servants are asked if they'd let their masters eat them was pretty amusing too. Poor myon already had bite marks on it.

Calamity Tribe – Miko Increase. Reimu apparently actually has visitors on new years even without fairies organizing it for her so she needs extra help. She already lured in a Suika with sacred wine so all that's left is to trick Alice into helping. So she puts Alice to work womanning the stall that sells charms (she didn't have a god so she just had a divine spirit labelled god bless it). Patchy comes and gets a charm because she has no one but god to turn to now that Marisa stole 1008 books. Also, she may plan to kill Marisa.

Yukari also helped (her reward is the divine spirit which she takes home as an imitation Youmu) by creating a gap shortcut between the shrine and the arch. Alice gets jealous that Yukari knows a side of Reimu that she doesn't especially when Yukari takes Alice to see Reimu dancing the miko dance. Anyway, after everything is over and done, Reimu gets embarrassed that Alice saw her being serious (Reimu being serious about the miko dance is canon) and Alice demands payment in the form of surprise kisses and gets happy that an embarrassed, flustered Reimu is a Reimu that only she knows about. Or something.

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Nice round up. Thanks for that Bocaj, I somehow never noticed all three of these. It's nice to have an update without much horrible stuff.

Also, I'm not sure how to describe this, but if you've not seen it yet you should give it a listen. It's certainly very interesting:

Translation's not exactly amazing but it gets the gist of it across.

It very vaguely reminds me of that one musical idea we had. The video description lists the songs used and whose voice matches which colour.

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[up] I was going to post that a couple of days ago, but I wasn't sure if it wasn't old news to anyone.

I'm not a big vocals person, but I really liked it.
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Parasol Star Memories
Okay, seriously, the double posting needs to stop

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[up] I'm doubly amused by this happening due to your avatar
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From the same album something... else.

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Funny, but not helpful
UZBL! – The Flight of the Gensokyo Punisher. A mysterious new hero administers justice in Gensokyo! Its Wriggle. I think she's the only one with antenna so its a wonder that only Yuuka and Mystia recognize her. Anyway, Wriggle has been doling out the harshness as Wriggstar, a dangerous vigilante that Wriggle definitely cannot support no siree. She takes down Cirno for attacking a defenseless Marisa and then takes down Marisa for multiple counts of larceny, she takes down Mystia for trying to eat a dude. Yuuka gets suspicious of Wriggle always running off and not visiting as much as she used to and follows her. When she sees her get in over her head fighting a not-defenseless Marisa, she secretly helps out which only encourages Wriggstar to fight for justice harder since she thinks she has powerful power. Eventually, Yuuka has to dress up as a passing by kamen rider reference and beat up Wriggle before she gets in over her head. Wriggle decides to hang up the cape, the hero cape not her usual cape, and train. Unfortunately she makes the mistake of not assuming that Yuuka is always behind her and makes some unfortunate comments that prompts Yuuka to beat her up again.

Kind of funny. Seeing Wriggle fail to act uninterested in what people think about Wriggstar is pretty humorous. She even gets covered in the paper on what must have been a slow news day. The comic has the Wriggle/Yuuka with Wriggle being a doormat for Yuuka characterization going on and that can get old but at least Wriggle is doing her own thing for most of this. It also has the sadist Sanae and masochist Tenshi with the former having unfortunately run into the latter and gotten worn out by her. I don't really have much to say about this one. I'm only passingly familiar with the genre that was being spoofed. But hey, Wriggle kicked people in the face.

ANGELTYPE – HARDCORE EXCITE KISS. Okay so the basic premise is adorable Koakuma is kind of pervy. Kind of really pervy? There's no real plot to summarize, just various little anecdotes. Like Patchy has a hard time saying what she really means with Marisa but Koa interjecting doesn't really help. And Koa trying to get Sakuya to wear a naked apron to appeal to Remilia but Remilia saying things on that level are no use for her. I think the funniest one is where Patchy is telling Koakuma about a dream she had where Koakuma was a hyper-competent assistant and Koa says "fascinating" while she's unexplicitly mostly naked. Probably because Patchy is so deadpan about telling naked Koa her dream? Dunnae. Anyway, yeah, short takes on Koakuma being unabashedly pervy although Patchy does give her a few bashes.
i think pervy koa would be a facinating take of characterization that i want the fandom to follow instead of meek and clumsy.
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