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Greetings, this is XionGaTaosenai, and this is my TV Tropes Homepage.

About my name: I had chosen this name before I knew any Japanese at all, and I still don't know much, so your guess on the translation is as good as mine. I just heard that "Airman Ga Taosenai" translates to "Airman Will Not Die" and ran with it.

At the time, "Xion" was merely my hunter pet in World of Warcraft (a Webwood Venomfang), and the fact that I was using a Spider pet (which was one of the worst possible pet choices back then from a gameplay perspective) annoyed my older sister to no end. She was trying to get me to switch to a more useful Cat or Bear, but I had too much of a sentimental attachment to my Tarantula (it being the only reason I was playing the game at all), and shot down her demands every time, much to her chagrin.

When I decided that I needed an internet moniker that was noticeable, memorable, and unlikely to be already taken on any given site, "XionGaTaosenai" seemed to fit all of the above (this was in 2008 or at the latest early 2009, so the Kingdom Hearts 358.5 days hadn't been released or even revealed and "Xion" itself was a name literally unheard of anywhere else), and as an added bonus, served as a little jab to my sister. If Airman Ga Taosenai translates to "Airman will not die", then "XionGaTaosenai" should literally mean "Xion will not die", only in this case it's being used less in a sense of "Xion is undefeatable" and more in a context of "You will never be rid of Xion". I'm not invulnerable, just extremely stubborn.

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