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Ibbis screws up his face. Stuff falling off a ship was never good. hence why he tended to sweat reentry, and the ten minutes of hell as the ship clawed her way out of atmosphere. He much preferred to keep Milk Crate in space, and didn't mind operating in The Halo or the Uorborus or Motherlode staroid belts for months at a time. Not only was the lack of atmpsphere interface good on the spaceframe, it was also good on fuel - clawing your way out of a gravity well was not very fuel efficient, and well, Ibbis was a cheapskate.

Eyeing the ship, he was struck by how small it was. It could probably fit in his lower hold with room to spare, but tying it down to the deck would be interesting, considering how smooth the fuselage appeared to be. The other thing that popped out at him was its unfamiliarity. It looked like something out of Diana's favorite sci-fi show and for a moment, that nagging suspicion flirted with his conscious mind-

"How'd it fall off, during re-entry?" he asks.
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Jack did not quite undestand the question. How did it fall off in re-entry?

What the hell was re-entry?

"I don't know. Sorry. It was broken."

He turned and trudged back toward the mountain.

So. Dead? Kind of sad. Let's try to work out what went wrong, for the sake perhaps of revival, perhaps of future collaborative writing threads.

These things are taking on...let's call it an atmosphere. Something repressive and stiff. People are afraid to bring up conflict for fear that it will be thought unnatural, and in the absense of conflict we have only conversation. Meaningless dialogues as everyone hopes to god that something interesting will happen. They are asked, then, to expound, to be deep or meaningfull, but still they have nothing of subsance to say.

It's dispassionate. Unmoving. The most interesting thing that happened happened between only two characters and the most anyone else could do was sit around and talk about it. What happened since the character nightclub? What changed? First and perhaps most importantly, the novelty is gone. This has got to be close to the eigth one of these threads we've done, and some of us have been here for all of them. We're just not learning anything anymore. It used to be about exploration—learning about each other and our characters and ourselves, but now we've got characters looking for information that we, as writers, already know, and we can't surprise anyone else for fear that they'll find the action unacceptable.

Oh, shoot, I just had a wicked neat idea for freshening these things up. It might spark some controversy. People might not like it.=D Come visit if you're game to try new things.
Oh shi- completely forgot about this. What did I miss? Also, what kind of idea?
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Sorry guys, I've been away for a while and work has been hectic, but yeah...this thread does seem to be going the way of the dodo right now, which is unfortunate.
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I think a roleplay version of this would work better, actually. Same constraints - see how your creation reacts to different circumstances than what you typically throw at them, but would allow stuff to happen. I think.
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