Pokemon are pint-sized Blood Knights.:

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First we all know that pokemon enjoy fighting. They also respect strength, cunning and winners in general, otherwise they wouldn't be any more likely to obey a trainer with an Earth/Dragon/whatever the highest ranking badge in that game is than some one with no badges at all. The wild pokemon you fight aren't typically hostile towards you personally, they just want to test you to see if you can catch them. Give them too much of beating (in other words knock them out) and they won't join you. Fail to catch them and the little beastie decides that you're a loser. Run and they decide that you're too cowardly to fight for. Pokemon in my mind are basically sickeningly cute blood knights with good publicity.
You would be right. Of course, Nintendo and Game Freak won't say this because it could damage the success of the series.
3 TheFan16th Jan 2011 11:22:19 PM from Anyway the wind blows
What about the bigger pokemon, like Wailord?
I planned that all along, Fan. -Kinkajou
That would be a really big sickeningly cute Blood Knight. By the way, I still like Pokemon. Not quite as much as I used to, just a little bit less.

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5 whataboutme18th Jan 2011 10:24:44 AM from strange land, far away.
I still think of Pokemon as cute aliens with horrible speech impediments.
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[up] I think they're both.
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