What's you're favorite CMOA that you've written?:

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Not from a novel, but Eos Whitford rappelling down a hotel window to threaten a guy with a sniper rifle.

Also Eos calmly making a shitton of Molotov cocktails out of wine bottles at said hotel's bar.

Then again she got shot by another sniper, and she didn't get to use any of the cocktails so she just ended up drinking herself stupid. But they were good lead ins to Crowning Moments of Awesome!
Mine is Eggman being an overglorified AO St H Robotnik and going through a not-well-deserved Villainous Breakdown. Then he gets GUN funding and it turns out they need to smash something at the forest Sonic's in. So what does he do? He builds a giant mecha, smashes the place, and nearly kills Sonic.
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My favourite CMOA I had in a story I wrote is: A guy wants to kill the Lightning mage, so he sends his Mooks after her in a one-pile ambush. Cue random ambushed attack in sync with the Lightning Mage's eyes turning slitted with rage, complete with most of the mooks going: surprised. A few minutes of 'Off-screen' violence/special effects means that later on the guy checks the mooks and most of them were frozen solid then zapped or crucified to a tree. Understandably, the guy snaps.
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My favourite CMOA that I've wrote involved Norad, the AI of a crashed human warship stranded in a crisis crossover universe taking down a bunch of sandworms (undead boss in mook clothings for the bbeg of a plot arc, and taking a horde of them down effortlessly with his functioning rail guns from miles away... pretty damn ego filling for a warship that was by and large downgraded to a snarky hologram since arriving in the realm of magic and mystery.

And then, to top it all off, he goes and rubs said victory in the face of another character, a nekojin pirate who view Norad as a fancy user interface program with an ego problem, by shifting his avatar's uniform into a game show host getup, and proudly proclaiming that the neko had won a beer for 'correctly guessing why he was so awesome'... CMOA and CMOF at the same time :P

But then again, Norad, being the king of snark, tends to load up on the funnies. Not so much on the awesomes, which is why that one stuck out for me
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I suppose one of my moments comes in a Heroes fic I'm planning on writing. One of the main characters has a somewhat abusive relationship with the rest of her family (not so much on the line of physical, mostly mental abuse), and her close friend is somewhat of an emotional vampire, feeding off her negative emotions to keep her sustained (needless to say, this guy is a complete monster, so he stays around here for the sheer need of her emotions to keep himself sustained, nothing else)

So when she finds out she's being used, it's the final straw and (with a massive burst of telepathi rage) overwhelms him with plenty of emotions and just knocks the guy out and makes him catatonic.
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