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Long time lurker and trope(ab)user here :)

Inspired by all the fanfiction out there, me and my partner in crime decided to bestow upon the world the one thing you didn't know you (didn't) want:

Edit: Ah looks like I can't link to it. Thankfully Santos L Halper below provided it!

In order to achieve the most faithful representation, we've scourged down the web in search of the best and most prominent pieces we could find. This in turn we refined down to its pure essence.

Then we added some variation. Do you require a good boost to your ego but are scared of the sexy? Use our slider to your liking. Can't decide which fandom you'd like to generate a fanfic for? We've got presets to help you out. Want to share your wonderful work? Just select the snippet you want to share and an image will be automatically generated for you.

You may find that we lack examples inspired by the likes of Agony in Pink. This is deliberate. There is only so much we can handle.

We also very much welcome suggestions.


Edit: Thanks for the suggestion Dartz-IRL. Here's an example:

Lunatica was confused but thought that she had to do something. But rather than going to her parents or guardian, Lunatica decided to show it to Hulk. "Oh no," said Hulk, "you must forget about this!" "Why?" enquired Lunatica, "what do you know?!" "I... I can't tell you. My dear Lunatica, I didn't think it would be this soon!" "What?!" yelled Lunatica, "are you keeping things away from me?!" "It's .... it's for your own good! You cannot know this!" said Hulk and before Lunatica could do anything, Hulk had escaped her grasp. "No! Dammit! When will I ever know the truth?!" Lunatica was feeling depressed. One of her best friends abandoned and betrayed her. It hurt. So Lunatica wanted to find Black Widow. After their adventure, Lunatica and Captain America had been spending a lot of time together. Lunatica kind of started to like her. So Lunatica went to Captain America and told the whole story. He listened to Lunatica without saying a single word. Then he said: "WTFOMMGBBQ, this is sooo serious!!!"

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