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Love his reviews. First one I found was The Phantom Menace, and after that I've been hooked. The voice takes a a little getting used too though.
Sapere Aude
Oh Hell Yes. I love the Harry S. Plinkett reviews. Here is a list:

Review of Star Trek Generations (the first Plinkett review; he gets better):

Review of Star Trek First Contact:

Review of Star Trek Insurrection:

Review of Star Trek Nemesis:

Review of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (his masterpiece, so far; 70 minutes long):

His (somewhat mean spirited) review of Avatar:

The trailer for the upcoming Attack of the Clones review, his YouTube Channel, and his Website.

There, now where is my Pizza Roll?

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Does anyone have a mirror of part 1?
"Doorknobs: not actually that long a period of historical significance."
Sapere Aude
Huh? What material from CN was even in the clip?

Well, gotta wait and check his YouTube Channel/Website for a reupload.
Not Quite Batman
I love this guy. I wonder if he'll go after Revenge of the Sith, too?

Though, truth be told, I quite like the new Star Wars movies. So sue me.
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Does the emotion in his voice ever go beyond bored monotone?
mudshark: I don't expect Nate to make sense, really.
When he gets really angry, his voice goes into this deep, demonic growl. She lied to me!
And She's coming back, she knows were you live. I love how well Mr.Plinkett has threaded this plot threw his reviews, its a very unique story telling device.

Also at work(in a grocery store) I can't help but laugh when people by Raid, especially the quick kill low irritant.
You will never love a women as much as George Lucas hates his fans.
A IRL friend of mine recently introduced me to his Phantom Menace review, and I've been hooked on his work ever since. This guy is brilliant. I know it must take time to make these, but I so wish I could watch a Revenge of the Sith review by him, I really want to see what parts of the film he'd focus on.

The Baby's Day Out review isn't as good as the Star Wars reviews (just because I think Star Wars is more interesting than Baby's Day Out) but the Baby's Day Out video was definitely entertaining, and it did have some brilliant moments of scrutinizing (ex. the gorilla cage sequence)

I'll pretty much watch any review he does in this style.
I prefer the ones for movies that I've actually seen, even if I disagree with him.
Sapere Aude
His Star Trek (2009 film) reveiw has been up for some time now. Thoughts?
Meh. It definitely seems like the guy is burning out. He pretty much says as much in the review that he needed a break from Star Wars. The review was pretty much take it or leave it. I guess the review was like Star Trek itself. Entertaining, enjoyable, but nothing too special.

I did love the video he posted on Youtube parodying the fans who wanted him to review so many different things.
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So what else can we suggest to Plinkett? I would say Pokemon Diamond/Pearl, which pretty much ruined Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire, which pretty much ruined Gold/Silver, which pretty much ruined Pokemon in general.
You will never love a women as much as George Lucas hates his fans.
I don't think he does video games.
I thought it was great. I really didn't get the feeling at all that he's burned out on this. Really, the only big difference I found was that he didn't do a live-action "storyline" like he did in some of his other reviews and he didn't hate on the movie. Therefore the analytical parts of the review where he scrutinizes things about the film and comes up with theories from a marketing perspective stood out more. But that was largely what his Avatar review was like. Plus having watched his Star Trek movie reviews and seeing how much he brings up stuff from the earlier Trek installments, it's clear he's a fan of the source material just like (or even more than) Star Wars, as he's got the kind of attention to detail you'd really only expect a fan to have.

It's for that reason that although I'd love to see him review stuff outside of Star Wars and Star Trek (or even outside of the movie medium, for that matter), I'd rather he not focus on that kinda thing unless he genuinely wanted to, as opposed to Pandering to the Base. It's obvious these videos take a lot of time and effort to make, and I can't help but think that he really did review Dragon Ball Z, Gundam or any of the other things fake Palpatine brought up in that video, it'd come out half-hearted because he just doesn't care that much about the source material.

What I'd like to see him do (after he's done Episode 3 and has thus ran out of "obvious targets") is review the original Star Wars trilogy, which I think would come out well as long as you don't think him liking the film is a crippling problem for his reviews, and review the Clone Wars pilot movie. If only for two major reasons:

1. See his take on a movie that everyone seemed to hate. I know some of the fundamental reasons, but I'd enjoy his take on it.

2. See his take on Ahsoka Tano. I imagine whatever he'd have to say would be pretty entertaining.

I wonder if he's aware of the existence of the Genndy Tartakovsky Clone Wars series, and if so, what his opinions of it is.
I was making a joke about the review. I would like to see him do The Matrix movies...maybe they are kinda the next most obvious target.
You will never love a women as much as George Lucas hates his fans.
holy shit. I take back everything I said. They really pulled out the stops for the trailer:

That's an incredible trailer for a review.
"I want to put you in a box with a rabbit and Sufjan Stevens and keep you safe from the world."
Yeah, I'm definitely looking forward to that review when it comes out.
What's the song, I have heard it everywhere but now really want it. Also is it just me or is The Emperor actually a real person in Plinkett's world.

Best damn trailer ever.
You will never love a women as much as George Lucas hates his fans.
The second half is O Fortuna and Fortune plango vul from the Carmina Burana. Dunno what the ambience piece in the first half is.
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"Everybody keeps saying it's overrated, but I kinda like Martin Lawrence."

Best line out of that trailer to me.
Long live Cinematech.

Not Quite Batman
I'm barely just getting it.

Also, The Dark Knight is pretty much the opposite of overrated. Thank you.
"Religion isn't the cause of wars, it's the excuse." —Mycroft Next
Sapere Aude
I think he was stramanning the people that didn't like the new Star Trek movie (and trek nerds in general) a bit too much in his review.

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