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A friend of mine has had a baby and she's asked a bunch of her writer friends to write a few original fairytales that she hopes to collect and print in one of those "do 'em yourself photo albums". She's told each of us to come up with at least three stories.

Here's my problem. Well I have a good idea for a few fairytales but I'm not quite sure as to how deep you can make a fairytale. I've read the tropes and a few of the better examples of the genre (Arabian Nights,Never Ending Story and The Last Unicorn.

I'd like to create something that the little bub (Charlie) could read and enjoy over and over again but is there an ettiqutte or something with fairytales? I'm kinda feeling constricted as crazy as it sounds. Any advice?

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Remember the demographic of "modern" Fairy Tales. The old stuff (The Brothers Grimm among others) was a huge case of What Do You Mean, It's Not for Kids?. (Or was it the other way around? Grimms Fairy Tales and Hans Christian Anderson's original stuff looks utterly adult compared to many Fairy Tale works and formats popularized by Disney)

Thus it doesn't have to be shallow and flat, but not so deep that it induces Mind Screw on a kid.

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