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Insecurity, Sadness, Anxiety, and such matters II:

This is Troper Counseling Services and Support Group: round two because the old one broke.

In this thread, you can talk about any problems or stress you are experiencing without fear of judgement or condescension. No problem is too small for you to talk about. Do not worry that your problems are annoying or petty or what have you; we're here to help and we're here to listen.

Carry on.

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Severely Confused
@Re: Family Coming from a broken home myself, I was sort of shocked when I learned that people can actually have good relationships with their family. I still don't completely understand how sibling relationships work.

That said, if your family is important to you, then they are. If they aren't, then they aren't. I just get upset at people telling me that I should care more about my family.

I've realized that ruminating over my bad thoughts by myself until I forget about them is not a good way to deal with them, and it certainly won't make me any less depressed. I should reach out to my friends more... But I'm scared of relying on them too much because of how much of a train wreck I am. That's mostly what lead me to internalize all of my misery in the first place, I guess.

wobbledewopple wob woppl
I agree with Exe.

There's nothing wrong with loving your family, but if your family sucks, it should be okay to not like them.
My PM box is always open to anyone who wants to talk/vent.
 40303 Indigo12ash, Wed, 3rd Oct '12 6:00:03 PM from Aperture Science
I don't really like my family. My younger sister is an abusive bitch, my mom usually takes her side and my dad acts more like a teenage boy than a real father... I'm not in the mood to get into details about my family.
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 40304 Tidal Wave 17, Wed, 3rd Oct '12 6:27:21 PM Relationship Status: Singularity
There are times when I like my mom and want to get to know her better. There are times when the very sound of her voice makes me want to claw my eyes out. We have a complicated relationship. tongue
wobbledewopple wob woppl
[up]I think every girl has that relationship with their mother.

I don't know. My parents are pretty chill, but I think that took a lot of fighting. They used to not let me do things most people my age were allowed to do for pretty stupid reasons. Plus, now I'm 19 and they know they can't legally tell me what to do. Luckily, they don't pull the "I'll kick you out of the house" card.
My PM box is always open to anyone who wants to talk/vent.
 40306 Wheezy, Wed, 3rd Oct '12 6:33:36 PM from Tampa, FL. Again.
(That Guy You Met Once)
Still have chronic depression so intense it causes physical pain. why.

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 40307 Tidal Wave 17, Wed, 3rd Oct '12 6:38:01 PM Relationship Status: Singularity
@Giggles: I'm a guy. tongue
Tidal- I have a similar relationship with my mother. I love her, but some times I can't even stand her voice. Most of the time I just love her though.

It was... worse when I was younger, to say the least.

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 40309 Tidal Wave 17, Wed, 3rd Oct '12 8:10:53 PM Relationship Status: Singularity
I was actually quite the Momma's Bou when I was younger. I guess in some ways I still am but otherwise, I'm not really sure what happened. I do have some theories though, but I won't bore any of you with those. Not today, at least.
Our relationship improved tremendously over the years. Basically, most of our problems were because of the excessive pressure she put on me and my until then untreated ADHD. Depression and suicidal thoughts ensued, but I got better.

 40311 Loni Jay, Wed, 3rd Oct '12 8:23:46 PM from Australia Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
Awful lot of tropers with broken homes and bad relationships with their family sad

I'm only starting to realise now, I think, how awesome my parents actually are...
Be not afraid...
My mother is not that bad, really. She just has a hair-trigger temper.

Actually, I'm not even sure if she has a trigger, the thing is probably fully automatic. And she's terrifying when angry.

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 40313 That Human, Wed, 3rd Oct '12 11:42:08 PM from someplace
I'm really sad how these past few months (since June), I've had to go for so many long intervals without regular contact with Inhopelessguy. It's been annoying, frustrating, and now it's starting to get depressing.
 40314 Telcontar, Thu, 4th Oct '12 1:58:47 AM from England
In uffish thought
Loni Jay— Indeed; it saddens me and makes me grateful I've been able to repair my relationship with my mother.

That Human— Trust me, I know exactly how you feel.
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 40315 Leradny, Thu, 4th Oct '12 9:38:09 AM from Alameda, CA
My mom is putting my life on hold to help out a convicted criminal because he's also in the family.

Her logic is really frustrating to me.

 40316 Diurnal Brocolli, Thu, 4th Oct '12 9:40:04 AM from Somewhere... Relationship Status: Sinking with my ship
Uh... What did he do?
Fare Thee Well.
 40317 Leradny, Thu, 4th Oct '12 9:41:28 AM from Alameda, CA
He abused me.

Edit: He also did hard drugs in the house, but I don't remember if he ever got convicted for possession. He just went to rehab. Several times.

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 40318 Diurnal Brocolli, Thu, 4th Oct '12 9:50:06 AM from Somewhere... Relationship Status: Sinking with my ship
Fare Thee Well.
 40319 Leradny, Thu, 4th Oct '12 9:53:14 AM from Alameda, CA
I don't know if anyone believes me or if the lack of response I keep getting is because people are just uncomfortable with it.

Anyway, my plans to move out are seriously hindered by how much money I keep using just for groceries and the like. But I'll be fine once I graduate and get a full-time job.

edited 4th Oct '12 9:53:51 AM by Leradny

 40320 Indigo12ash, Thu, 4th Oct '12 10:00:00 AM from Aperture Science
It's not that I don't believe you, it's just I don't know what to say without resorting to hugs or "I'm sorry." And I am truly sorry for what happened, but I just don't have any helpful advice.
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 40321 That Human, Thu, 4th Oct '12 10:07:51 AM from someplace
@Telco: What do you mean?
Indigo- Yeah, I... just don't know what to say and I'm afraid of saying something stupid.

 40323 Leradny, Thu, 4th Oct '12 10:14:08 AM from Alameda, CA
Indigo: It's all right. I don't need advice really. I'm just venting to no one in particular and I guess I should expect that no one in particular would reply. I've just been under a lot of stress for the past few weeks so most of my venting won't be coherent or logical, and small things irritate or discourage me more easily.

But it's better to say something even if it's stupid. I can't read minds after all, and I don't know if the silence is because nobody knows what to say (which happened the last time I was here for something really big) or if they just didn't see or are ignoring it.

edited 4th Oct '12 10:16:27 AM by Leradny

 40324 Indigo12ash, Thu, 4th Oct '12 10:18:43 AM from Aperture Science
You should read some of my posts in the LGBT thread when I panic or am upset. It's not pretty. And I've been doing that a lot in the past month.
Momentum, a function of mass and velocity, is conserved between portals. In layman's terms: speedy thing goes in, speedy thing comes out.
 40325 Leradny, Thu, 4th Oct '12 10:34:00 AM from Alameda, CA
I've been trying to finish an essay. It's not going well. I know that my teacher would have questioned why I was suddenly terrible and given me a chance to do it over, but I still feel a little guilty for getting an extension.

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