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I did a topic like this a while ago for video games, and it was mildly popular for at least a little while. Now, I'd like to see how a reboot of the game will do if works from all media are allowed. Movies, shows, games, books, webcomics, it doesn't matter!

The rules are simple: take a work's title, and either add, remove, or change a single letter to make it into something else, and write a brief synopsis about the new title. For example, let's take Star Wars, since it's appeared on just about every medium ever conceived at some point:

Add a letter: Star Warts — Luke travels to Dagobah and licks some toads on a dare.

Remove a letter: Tar Wars — A reinvisioning of the entire saga where the plot development trudges on as slowly as the middle of Episode II, as though it were stuck in tar.

Change a letter: Star Bars — So these two droids, a moisture farmer, and a jedi master walk into a cantina...

Now make your own. And if you have to add/change/drop more than one letter it had better be funny!

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Face Time
Lord Of Bar: A film about people in bars.
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From my other topic:

Pants Vs. Zombies

Planes Vs. Zombies

Planets Vs. Zombies
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a brief conflict
For Stuck:

Suck Spuck Stick Stack Sucks

One can only hope that nobody uses this for evil.
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Face Time
Billing Floor:Defeat hordes of Mutant Zombies with bills and taxes!
Tumblr | "Hipsters: the most dangerous gang in the US." - Pacific Mackerel
Sol Nomad and the World Eaters: Sol Badguy takes on the World Eaters.
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Firm Emblem - The fate of the world relies on an ancient artifact of great power that just...won't...budge!

Alternatively, a band of adventurers come together to stop the invasion of dragons, summoned by the power of Dewey, Cheatum & Howe Law Firm.
The Iron Can - the most badass airtight metal container, built in a cave, out of scraps.

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Pick-Ass: Why does your finger smell?

The Name: If you think about it, you lose yours.
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Dead Raising: You have 72 hours to build an undead army that will eventually be slaughtered by the thousand by a photojournalist or a motocross superstar.

Sailor Mon: It's about Pirates. From Jamaica.

Weeding Peach: The Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom follows in the footsteps of Gardening Mama.
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Holestuck: John Egbert, Rose Lalonde, Dave Strider, and Jade Harley in: A HOLE! Also, Karkat falls in with them because that's the only troll name I know.

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The it-thingy
I would have expected Sailor Mon to involve hiring privateers to fight each other competitively.

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