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[up][up][up][up] I can hardly see the facial expressions, let alone gt any idea of context from them. Even if Kovu (I assume that's the darker lion in question) does look displeased, how do I know what he's displeased over and why?
It's not even Kovu. It might be his sister, or one of their lionesses. Either way, I don't see any evidence of standards in the picture. It's just Zira sneering.
Koopa has no pants.
... I already said it was just a suggestion. o.o

In any case, as I said earlier, it really depends on what KIND of image we're going for. If serious, the 9/11 Spider-Man comic might be a good option. If silly, the "no, Thog, I'm still civilized" one would probably be better.

Of course, this isn't to say I'm opposed to some kind of middle ground either. o.o

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Might I suggest putting that old picture of villains talking about standards back?

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... which picture are you referring to? @ Colonial
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Right now, the OOtS pic is looking like the best option.
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Taking a stab at making the Joker/Skull image work:

The Red Skull's dialogue is cut off, but I think it works OK, as his response isn't necessary to understand Joker's reaction.

The only question in my mind is whether the dialogue is legible. Looks OK to me (remember, it's shrunk a bit on the forum), if not ideal, but others might find it tougher on the eyes.

(I swear, though, the first person who screams "Wall of Text! Wall of Text!", I'm gonna hit something.)

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[up] It's good enough to consider; I can read it at its normal size.

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I'd like it if the image was a little high resolution. Kinda have to squint to see the text on the top panel.

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Hmm, if a higher-resolution scan would help, I may be able to oblige. Let me see what I can do here....

It does seem to make a difference. How's this?

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[up] Looks nice and readable to me.
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62 Deboss10th Feb 2011 09:53:53 PM from Awesomeville Texas
I see the Awesomeness.
Actually, you could probably just crop the bottom right of the panel with just "Keep back boys! This creep is mine!"
I like it better with the "...but I'm an American criminal lunatic!" line in there. Wouldn't want to cut that out.

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Rhymes with "Protracted."
If you cropped off some of the dead space on the right showing just Red Skull, you could probably make the resolution much bigger.

Do you have the comic page at full size? Let me take a crack at it.
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Don't you kinda need the Red Skull to make the image work? I guess you'd still have the Joker talking about not working for Nazis, but I think they payoff's a lot better when you've got the guy with the crimson cranium wearing the swastika and SS symbol right there.

In any case, a full-size scan is here if you want to mess around with it. (Note that I had to rescan it, because I'd stupidly overwritten the original, so there might be some minor differences, but it looks pretty much the same to me.)
I really don't see how that's better, given it's still text-based to a ridiculous extent.
I like it. We can see the Joker's reaction to realizing he's working with a Nazi. He's surprised, then pissed off.
Here's two different crops.

Teutonic Tomboy T-Girl
Ah, OK, now I see what you were getting at.

Not bad, but if people think the original is sufficiently legible, I'd prefer to stick with that, just to have a better look at the Skull.

I'd prefer "The Pope #1" over "The Pope #2", as I think it's kind of important to get the swastika (and, to a lesser degree, the SS symbol) in there. Not only because people might not know the Red Skull as a character, but because he's just so overt about it.
Cure Candy
I agree Pope #1 works the best.
Mr. Dr.
The Pope's first cut is great.

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You are displaying abnormally high compulsions to over-analyze works of fiction and media. Diagnosis: TV Tropes Addiction.
72 Willbyr11th Feb 2011 12:23:27 PM from North Little Rock, AR , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
Pope #1
Funny how we took down the previous image on this page for demonstrating everything to do with the trope completely in text only to see everyone lean towards another option that's even more heavy on the text than what we've already taken down.

I will say though that Joker's dialogue would make for a better page quote than the one already on the page.
Cure Candy
[up] IMO the fact that Red Skull is wearing a big fat Swastika adds a hell of alot to the the text far more than just a quote.

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^The Swastika isn't even entirely in view so it's not easy to immediately recognize it. Most people would probably just pick up on everything that has to do with this trope from the speech bubble, including the word "Nazi."

As Ghilz said when he first shared the image with us in this topic, "Terrible image but great page quote."

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